The Bruised Team 

Steve Brazil - Top Dog 

This Production House is owner operated and has been since it was founded .

Being owner-operated means you will have one central point of contact: one person who will follow your project from beginning to completion.

Neither you, nor your project will be passed along to one of a series of directors, writers, videographers, or editors who have not been part of the process from the beginning.

Owner, Steve Brazil is a producer/writer who has more than 22 years experience in every aspect of the film production process with production and tour management skill sets which helps in the day to day management of his production staff . He is the person who will follow all projects from beginning to end and personally make certain each project fulfills its objectives and meets all expectations.


Jared McInnis -  Screen Writer

Born in the late 70's , Jared consumed television , Films and Music until he got a guitar and Started contributing to the Creative Stream himself 

He's been writing music and Fiction for over 16 years . With a Full education from the school of life/Hard Knocks and almost two decades of live performing, it was an easy choice to Channel that Creative Energy into Writing for Film & TV



Joe G. LeClair - Screen Writer , Editor , Script Doctor

Joe G. LeClair, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada has been writing professionally for the last fifteen years.  Joe got his creative start in underground comics, poetry magazines, and some small press periodicals in Toronto. Along with writing, Joe is an avid artist of pencil, charcoal and abstract paintings and often pairs his words with his own unique visual perspective.  To balance his imaginative outlets, Joe also is a horrendous chess player, a fairly decent archer and can pick up very heavy objects.